Veerle Pollet

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Veerle Pollet, born in Brussels, followed her first music lessons at the music academy of Jette. After high school she went to study classical piano in Leuven with Jan Vermeulen where she obtained her master with the highest distinction. A few years later she also specialised in chamber music and pianoforte.

Together with violinist Ann Cnop (La Petite Bande, Il Fondamento, HOGent) she forms a classical duo (Ensemble S-Plus), which obtained the Radio Klara young talents' price Super Nova with a performance on their show ‘Boetiek Klassiek’.



Besides classical music, Veerle feels very much at home in other genres. With her first pop/jazz project, One Trick Po, she made it to Radio 1, 2 and Pure FM with their album ‘A Long Month Of Sundays’.

Nowadays Veerle has a new electro pop project called Aubin, which already had 2 singles on the radio and was laureate of the known Humo’s Rock Rally. The press gave their debut album ‘Any Day Now’ a warm welcome.

And a new project ‘Call Me Lucy’ is ready to conquer the world!

Over the last years Veerle was also active as a pianist for the theatre company NTGent alongside renowned actors such as Wim Opbrouck and Els Dottermans.